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The B&B is located in a small green residential area at the border of Amsterdam. You can hear birds rather than cars. At short distance there is a station of metro line 53, going to the city 5 times an hour, in a 15 minute ride. Coming from Amsterdam Airport, you best take the train to Diemen Zuid (4 trains per hour). This also takes about 15 minutes. Phone us, and we will meet you at the station.

The neighborhood, though quiet, is surrounded by 4 motorways (A1, 2, 9 and 10), and gives a good connection to all directions. If you arrive by car, you could use a navigation site like to find the easiest way. Upon request we can give you personal tips.

Parking is free, and if desired you can leave your car in our garage. Parking space downtown is hard to find and expensive. Public transport in Amsterdam is well organized and is the best way to move around. During the night a night bus goes every 30 minutes from the city to our neighborhood.

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